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  • Great! After login, you might need to come back to this lemmy post and click the link with the template. Then in the settings of Canvas, reduce the template opacity until you can see what’s already done. Then pick the colour that matches the square you want to colour, and click!

    You can only place one pixel every 32 seconds, but if you go away then these stack up to a maximum of 6 that you can place all at once.

  • Try again 😆. There are teething issues, and the main dev has been doing patches to fix things several times. When this happens, the server goes down for a few minutes each time. Many bugs are being resolved but there are still some quirks.

    I’d suggest to try to follow through the process again and see if you get it working. If not, try again tomorrow.

  • Ah yes paired with a scaper that would be quite effective. I was thinking you melt it but then the heat is gone and the cable is still frozen so it would refreeze. But if you soften it with the heat then scape it, that could work quite well.

    Probably not much chance of getting it implemented in Wellington, though. There might be a slim chance if there was an off the shelf solution, but from my reading into this is seems everything is quite custom.

  • That’s really cool! It sounds like they switch the section to a separate circuit and then pile a carefully controlled high voltage current into it to warm up the line without melting it. But it also says the line remains operational, if I’m reading it right. Not sure how you send too much power through the line without affecting the trains using the line.

    Anyway, it sounds like this is the only system like it in the world, and it was installed after heavy snow caused a collapse of much of the network. What I take from that is that it’s probably really expensive to install, and probably not worth it in Wellington. One of the ice scraping pantograph options probably makes more sense.

    I guess for your heated pantograph option you’d run it on a special de-icer train at low speed? I would think melting the ice off via a pantograph would take a really long time.

  • I’m wondering about the heating thing. The cables already carry current. Normally for electric heating you’d have electricity going through a wire with high resistance to make the heat. So you’d think you’d run such a wire along the length of the cable. Putting fan heaters everywhere isn’t going to be efficient, you need it on the wire in the place it’s needed.

    But if it’s on a live wire, can that work? Or would it just become part of the larger wire and not heat up as the electricity flows through the path of lower resistance? Plus the risk of the pantograph damaging the heating wire.

  • I’m running Nobara on my laptop and have been for some time, but I do find it crashes a bit. Not sure if it’s hardware or software (I’m using an original Framework laptop, and I know there have been hardware changes to resolve some things).

    I’m looking for stability first of all, so I might try Mint first off and change only if I find issues.