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  • Installing Windows will always nuke the existing bootloadet with the Windows one. You can install Linux just fine now, then Windows, but you’ll need go back and set the bootloader back to grub or whatever your distro prefers. If you don’t know how to do this yet, just look it up. You’ll need to know how to do it in the future, since Windows Updates will randomly do this again in the future.

  • If it’s free, why not.

    Will it help you get a job? I’ve never hired anyone based on a certification, because it doesn’t mean experience. Experience is what gets people hired.

    Doctors don’t get hired without first doing a residency. Mechanics don’t get hired because they know all the parts on a car. And I won’t get hired by a law firm for simply scoring 99% on an LSAT.

  • Modern HID drivers are very generalized and abstracted away from the hardware pretty much anymore in Windows and Linux. Aside from specific button customizations (pretty much all done in companion app software, not the driver anymore), you shouldn’t see any issues. The DPI switching should be done on device, but maybe ask the manufacturer before you buy to be sure. Since you don’t care about RGB control, I don’t forsee you having any issues.